Monday, September 19, 2011

25000, baby!

This week my visitor counter hit the 25000 mark. It took almost 5 years to do it, but for a personal blog it's still a big deal for me!

I would like to thank all my visitors, especially my blog friends whose regular visits have helped me achieve this Silver Jubilee number.

At this point I want to mention why I still keep blogging. There is no one single reason but the strongest reason is that I enjoy it. Ultimately, I would like people to read what I have written, but just the act of writing a post is also quite enjoyable and gratifying. Another reason is to share stuff. It could be a movie, a funny picture, a touching poem or an amusing anecdote, I love to share these with my readers. I sometimes also use my blog to archive things. For example, my hatred for chatspeak or Apple Inc., my love for Android and books and TV shows. Many times instead of repeating myself I can just give someone a URL to my post for these things.

I don't want to make this unneccessarily long, let me just say I am quite happy about hitting the 25000 mark and thank you again to all my readers. I hope you will keep visiting and leaving your comments.

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