Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google+ - Can you believe it?

43 Million users in one week!!
According to this story, Google plus got a 1269% increase in users since it was opened to public.
I, of course, was on it weeks before when it was in invitation-only stage. *smug smile* So I guess I would be one of those "influencers" and "early adopters" that the story talks about.

Now that Google+ is open to public I am expecting to have a bigger friend list and a more active Stream. So far I like Google+ as compared to Facebook, with the only problem being having more friends on Facebook as of now. That will change. Even though I use Facebook, I really hate it. It's only because of boredom that I ever even open it, mostly on my phone .



Edward said...

Hi Sunil
I agree 100%with your stance on Apple products. I see the next ipad mini will have a retina display. I predicted that their marketing tards would do that. They are experts at dribbling out new features. I choose to buy android devices and put the savings in my retirement account instead of to Apple. Take care!

Sunil Goswami said...

Edward, their marketing department, though tards I agree, are very smart tards. Just see how they manage to sell the crappiest of products at highest of prices. Your idea is better to put the money in your IRA rather than Apple's coffers.

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