Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Perfect imperfection

I am not one of those people who say everybody is beautiful and beauty is skin deep and blah, blah, blah. I am blunt, I am outspoken and I say what I think. If I see someone ugly, I'll say it (though not to their face) and that's why I have no illusions about my own looks.

But one thing that I have observed all these years.

No matter how ugly or how pretty someone is, it's a 100% sure chance that their face looks the best when they smile. Even an ugly face looks less ugly, most times a little pretty, when lit up with a sweet smile.

/>I have always considered mine to be a very ugly smile, all uneven and crooked. It surprised me when my martial arts teachers in US named me Sunny (Sunil is hard to pronounce for them) and attributed it to my "sunny smile". I thought they were just being polite. But somewhere, somewhen, someone convinced me that this was really the case! :)

What about you? You think you are not pretty, why don't you smile and check...


Anonymous said...

Hey You are perfetlt right!!! I do look pretty when i smile :) and i did smile afte reading your post !

Anonymous said...

Hey sorry about the typos friend! This dman keyboards...Your post really is thought provoking and I did smile at the end of the post wonderful..keep posting! and you have loads of interesting posts too

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