Tuesday, December 12, 2006

First steps

Why are the first steps so well-celebrated?

Laying of the first brick,

Kick-off of a new project,

Initiation of a business,

Rising of the Sun,

Start of a new job...


Because first step is an act of confidence, the first step shows our faith in ourselves as well as in the Universe. The first step says, yes I am terrified of the future but I will act and see what happens. The first step says, yes I know 8 out of 10 new businesses close in the first 5 years but I'll start one anyway. The first step says, I know the odds are against me, but I am sure as hell going to try.

The first step is when you stop thinking what can go wrong and start thinking what can you do to make things go right.

And when you do, when you act on that thought, the forces of nature join hands with you, the Universe cheers you on, you just have to stay on course and keep going...


Anonymous said...

Not to mention how you would feel the first kiss and hug from your first love!

Anonymous said...

Firsts are a milestone. They signal the start of something new. The other important milestone is the "lasts". The last laying of the bricks. The last day of the corporate calender for the year. The last step in a project. These all stand as a reminder for the effort put forth.

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