Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love - Funny and stupid

Out of the 3 movies I watched last weekend this was one.

For me the main attractions were Steve Carrell who is a good comic actor and Julianne Moore who is good actress and a cute one at that.

The plot was fairly obvious from the trailers. Steve's wife wants a divorce and he is plunged into the single life willy-nilly. He gets a mentor in the form of fast-speaking, skirt-chasing, womanizer Ryan Gosling.

It's a good movie in the way that it makes you laugh. That's the only redeeming quality.

The story is the old formula - dating guru teaching a novice, you have seen this many, many times. The plot is simple and predictable, though I have to admit it managed to shock me twice with a twist.

Performances are good as expected. Steve Carell lives up to his reputation. Julianne Moore looks and acts beautiful as always. Ryan Gosling does alright in the role of dating-guru on his own, but he's not even 10% of Will Smith in Hitch in the same role. Marisa Tomei looks older and acts fine, but doesn't look anywhere near as hot as she did in "My Cousing Vinny". Emma Stone does okay. I am not a big fan of hers. Julianna Guill looks so sexy and yet so good in her role as schoolgirl that I didn't recognize her as herself. I thought she must be one of the popular teenage actresses and not the adult (grown-up, not in an R-rated way) actress that she is.

Other supporting cast is okay, nothing remarkable.

I was not very impressed by the pick-up scenes of Gosling though they were decent. His patter is okay, not as well-written as Will Smith's in Hitch. And for God's sake can we have at least one Hollywood film where the divorce is NOT the husband's fault? The wife sleeps with another man behind her husband's back but it's the husband's fault that they are getting divorced! I try to keep the battle of the sexes out of my blog, but come on, this is too much! Is the whole Hollywood so pussy-whipped they can't dare to show a woman ever being in the wrong? It was not this movie's fault, but this was like the last straw. I have just seen it way too many times now.

The climax is as predictable as the rest of the movie. Happy ending, Hollywood style.

My conclusion is that as a romcom it's entertaining enough to be watched once, but don't go in with expectations too high. It's light entertainment to keep around on DVD even, to watch when you don't want to get too deep into a movie and just want something to make you laugh.


bowo said...

good blog bro....and I like that

Sunil Goswami said...

Thank you, bowo. Much appreciated.

Crazy Stupid Love Movie said...

First thing I want to say that I like your blog a lot. Secondly Crazy, Stupid, love is a funny movie. This makes you laugh and makes you think what is going on. I like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. All other actors also showed their acting skills. I enjoyed this movie. What you say?

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