Thursday, March 31, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 69 - 30th March

Not exactly as per plan but close to it.

Evening 30th: I was home early because of my guitar class this evening and tried the early nap from 1730. It took me all of 10 minutes to fall asleep today, but there are reasons. One, I was trying to sleep early, two, there's more light these days at that time, three, my mind was active because of all the stuff going on in my life. Nothing bad, just exciting.

Then I got a call in the middle of my nap. It was only a minute long and then I tried to go back to sleep. So I set a fresh alarm to sleep another 20 minutes. It worked and the whole nap thing finally finished at 1830.

Actually, I find that I am lucid much more quickly now if I get interrupted by a phone call during my nap. Once I open my eyes and pick up the phone, the party on the other side never knows I was asleep a second ago.

Energy levels were good. Guitar class was good. Learning capabilities great.

Morning 31st: Around the later part of the evening about 2300 or started to feel a little bit like I was in-between sleeps. Not sleepy, but like sleep was due. Slept on the normal time at 2345 with an alarm for 0430.

Woke up by the alarm, turned it off solving the captcha calmly with every intention to get up. But then somehow slid back and woke up at 0530 by my guitar video alarm.

Felt fine except regretting the time lost.

Energy levels: 100%
Body: Fine
Health: Residual cold symptoms
Mood: Excited

Much of the excitement comes from the fact that it is my last day at the current job and I would be leaving early. And that I have plans for every hour this evening as soon as I step out of this office. :) 


Red Handed said...

you take time tooo seriously. as well as ur ALARM :P

Wish i cud too.

Sunil Goswami said...

If you saw the backlog of stuff I need to finish......LOL

Always Happy said...

Sunil, I agree with RH. you sleep for 6 mins, wake up 7 mins before the alarm etc. Really, you take time too seriously which is good. I am only wondering how you do it? Perhaps, that is called will power.

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