Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 68 - 29th March

This will be short and sweet.

Evening 29th: Nap from 1800 to 1830. Woke up by alarm, easy to get up. Had plenty of energy and could do whatever I needed to do.

Morning 30th: Again chatting with my friend but tonight I went to bed on time, or almost. At 0005, I set the alarm for 0500.

And woke up at 0500. It was slightly hard but not too hard. Actually the alarm went into automatic snooze by the time I woke up so I got up only at 0508. But it wasn't very hard even before.

I need a deadman's switch and an alarm that can be set by it. Or maybe I can use Tasker on my Android phone to create something close. Then I'd sleep exactly 4.5 hours, taking falling asleep time in account.

Energy levels: 99.5%
Body: Very slightly tired. (Might be because of the cold)
Health: Cold symptoms persisting, though less than yesterday.
Mood: Creative

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