Friday, March 25, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 63 - 24th March

Evening 24th: As expected I did not get an evening nap. I was fine with energy levels until I got home about 1945. Then they got lower.

Here I should mention what's almost elementary if you think about it. On monophasic days, normal or in-betwee biphasic days, when I get home, I get progressively more tired. Even if I use the hours till midnight then sleep, I do that in spite of the tiredness. On biphasic days, I do get sleepy around nap time, but only very close to the nap time. Then after nap to core is a fresh day with full energy usually, and I get sleepy close to the core start time.

Tonight I felt that progressively tired feeling. So much so that I decided to call it a day around 2230.

Morning 25th: Went to bed at 2230 with an alarm set for 0600. The idea was to get 7.5 hours of sleep to be ready for a long, nap-less day ahead. But I knew I wouldn't sleep that long even without the alarm.

What I wasn't ready for, was to wake up at 0200. I was not only awake but felt like I could get up and start the day. Of course, I didn't. Starting a day that early would have meant disaster in the evening.

Then I woke up at 0313. Then again about 0408. Each time I felt the same, that I had had a good night's sleep.

Finally I did wake up at 0500. Yes, an hour before the alarm time.

I think my sleep cycle has shrunk from the 90 minute to somewhere around 60 minutes. Also, the REM content in each sleep cycle is more. Even at 2 am after 3.5 hours of sleep I felt great, well-relaxed and ready to handle a day. And at 5 am I felt like I could wrestle a lion, maybe even 2 if they were on monophasic sleep schedule!

Energy levels: 100%
Body: Fine
Mood: Weekend-Creative (relaxed, not hassled, ready to do some creative things).

I did have light tea in breakfast but only to avoid warm milk, I didn't need tea or anything, I was fully awake.


p00ja said...

Hey I seem to have found some1 suffering the same no-sleep (almost)disorder like me, are there more?
I used to sleep like a log till some 3-4 years back, but after having a baby who after creating havoc to my sleep schedule, sleeps peacefully now!

Excellent blog, will definitely come back for more!

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Pooja,

Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment. I am sure there are lots of people experience a change in sleeping pattern due to age or other circumstances.

My sleep is much better since I started the biphasic schedule. Even if I wake up multiple times in the night, I still wake up in the morning feeling rested and energetic.

If you google "polyphasic sleep" or "biphasic sleep" you'll find lots of other people who have tried a change in the sleeping pattern.

Sagar Goswami said...

I like this pic very much. It certainly matches your profile of biphasic sleep. And I remember once you said in the morning you felt like going in the jungle and fight with the lion.

Good keep it up!

Sunil Goswami said...

Hehe, thanks. I didn't say that "once" I said that in this post. That's why this pic. LOL.

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