Thursday, March 24, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 62 - 23rd March

Evening 23th: I had plans to get an early nap before I had to get ready for my guitar class but the British Rail System screwed that up. Then because of the trains crap, there were no taxi's so I had to walk home. Good for the health, but I didn't really have time to spare today.

So I got home at 1810 and decided to take the nap from 1820. I had been feeling the sleepiness build up and needed to be in top condition for my guitar lesson. I was in an active frame of mind because of the walk (and the Cliffs of Dover I had been listening to while walking) but still I could fall asleep easily.

And also wake up at 1850 by the alarm. I got up and did my stuff before going to the class. Energy levels were good, I had a great class and no drop in my comprehension or creativity because of the irregular nap.

Morning 24th: Went to bed at 2350 last night and didn't move the alarm from 0430. Sleep did follow quite easily, within the first 10 minutes most likely.

woke up at 0430 by the alarm, turned it off and then slept on. Not deliberately, but I think there's a level of awakeness where I can solve the CAPTCHA to turn off the alarm but am not yet awake enough to make sensible, pragmatic decisions. This is like quicksand where it's so easy to slide under if you are not very, very careful about it.

So I actually woke up at 0521.

Energy Levels: 100%
Body: Slightly tired in the legs.
Health: Small sign of sore throat.
Mood: Fantastic.

Today and tomorrow I won't get time for a nap due to social engagements and then Sunday the same story because of my course. So, next 4 days I'll be more or less monophasic especially if I start getting a cold.

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