Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 60 - 21st March

So we complete 2 months. It's a momentous day! :)

Evening 21st: The day went fine but I felt increasingly tired after 1600. A little sleepy on the train back.

I had a parcel waiting for me, the DVD of Guitar Hero 3. (Long story why I bought it when I already had Guitar Hero 5, maybe in another post). So, I could sleep without checking it out first. Which I did, and managed to get to bed at 1802.

Left the alarm set for 1830 and went for the nap. I did fall asleep in the alloted 8 minutes but woke up at about 1818. It felt quite natural and I could have gotten up without difficulty but I was worried that it might make me tired soon afterwards.

So, I tried to sleep a little more, had trouble sleep with all my devices doing *ding*s and *dang*s from time to time and also expecting to the alarm to go off any time.

Finally I got about half an hours sleep and woke up just before 1900. It was good sleep.

Morning 22nd: I didn't feel any dip in the energy levels right up to midnight. I had had a busy evening what with Second Life and phone so I wasn't really ready to sleep yet but still did.

Slept at midnight but still left the alarm set for 0430. I figured I'd fall asleep in 10 minutes or less and that could come out of the unevenness of the sleep cycles.

As it happened, I woke up two minutes before the alarm and it was easy to prop up and open the laptop. As I was checking email I happened to notice the time in the system tray - 0302! Wha..?!

I don't know why I felt it was 2 minutes less than my alarm time! Anyway, I could very easily have gotten up then, but I have the fear that I might feel tired in the day and I have lots of work these days.

So I slept more, it was easy to silde back into sleep, and then woke up by the alarm at 0430. Easy to get up today, not like turning the switch on but still easier than the usual mornings.

Energy levels: 95%
Body: A little tired
Mood: Bloggative (creative but focused on blogging.)

I am yawning in office today but a contributing factor to that would be the warm milk I had in breakfast. I will have to re-think that, maybe replace it with juice or even light tea.

I have decided to carry on with the sleep log even past the second month even though we now know that the experiment is successful. It's more for me than my readers. It probably bores them to death but it keeps me focused on my pattern and collect valuable data. Since it's public I don't miss any days which I might be tempted to do if I kept it in a private documents.

Also, the log makes me blog more, if only to interject a post or two between the sleep log posts.

I have a 2 or 3 week period of in-between jobs time coming on, if that happens, I'd like to try Uberman, just for fun. I'd probably use Everyman 3 to transition. There will be more fun log entries to read if I do Uberman.


Always Happy said...

60 days!! Congratulations!!!

Warm milk for breakfast is not a good idea. Go for tea.

Continue to maintain this log. I find it interesting.

Sunil Goswami said...

Thank you, AH. I wonder about this log every day, thinking it must bore my visitors horribly. Your words give me comfort. :)

I had given up all caffeine so hesitating to start tea again, but I am thinking about doing it irregularly.

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