Monday, March 21, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 59 - 20th March

Evening 20th:
Evening nap? There was no nap! As I mentioned before in my summary, the social life and active lifestyle are the things you need to worry about when you do biphasic. Today I was out and about doing stuff that makes dreams come true, so I had no time for sleep. Hehe, I promise I will elaborate on this one day soon. :)

But I felt no dip in energy, no irritability or any other adverse effects. Even in the train coming home I was fine. I was tired from the day, it had been a very demanding day in terms of body, mind and creative juices, but that's about all.

I got home about1920 but of course I couldn't take my nap now.

Morning 21st:
Went to bed at 2330 with alarms set for 0430 and 0600. You see, I wasn't sure how much sleep I'd need after an exhausting day and no nap. So, 0430 was ideal situation and 0600 the failsafe.

As it happened, I did wake up at 0430's alarm ring, and turned off the CAPTCHA in full awake condition, but then I didn't realize when I slid back into sleep.

Woke up by 0600 alarm going off and had to make an effort to get up. Wasn't too bad though.

Energy Levels: 98%
Body: Slighty tired
Mood: Active

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Always Happy said...

Ok, Will stay tuned for the updates. sounds exciting.

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