Thursday, March 17, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 55 - 16th March - Back on the Wagon

One stupid thing I did today was to ride a bike simulator in an office event. It would have been ok to do it once, but I did it twice and the second time I did it, it was on the simulator that was almost out of order. In order to get any acceleration you had to twist the damn thing too hard, that usually meant leaning down lower making the sitting posture completely wrong. To top it off, I played a few times on another game meant to test the reflexes. And of course, I didn't stretch before doing any of this, not to mention my complete lack of training recently. Final result: aching back.

Evening 16th: I was home early but kept the nap time to regulation. 1800 to 1830. It was a good nap, quite refreshing. Wasn't really hard to wake up from but not the natural wake-up easy either. If you read my blog regularly, then you already know that Wenzday night is guitar lesson night, so there was no chance of my oversleeping anyway.

Did fine in the guitar class, no clouded mind or distraction from tiredness.

Morning 17th: Last evening was quite fine, started feeling progressively sleepy after 2300. Which meant that I was right on time going to bed.

Slept at 2345, alarm set for 0430. I do remember waking up once, but not completely, and that's more of a topic for my LD log anyway. Woke up by the alarm at 0430 and while trying to pick up the phone, pressed Snooze. So, let the time slide by while I closed my eyes again for 8 minutes, but got up when the alarm rang again.

Here is the report for this morning

Energy levels = 99.9%
Body = Great (Except for "biking" pains)
Mood = Happy

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Always Happy said...

Mood happy tho good!

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