Monday, March 14, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 52 - 13th March

Day 13th March:
Okay today was a big different. I got up at 0430 and didn't get chance for a nap. All day I had to be physically active and mentally creative. I managed both very well without any issues. Didn't feel any slowing down of systems around nap time nor any extraordinary fatigue. It was a tiring day because of all the mental work but I survived well and contributed. So, that answers the question, "What happens if you miss nap on biphasic?"

I got home about 2115 and was quite tired. So after dinner etc. I decided to take 6 hours of monophasic and then continue the normal biphasic schedule from tomorrow morning.

Morning 14th:
Went to bed at 2250, with alarm set for 0500. Did fall asleep in the alotted 10 minutes. Woke up about 0207. Felt good and fully awake, but didn't try to get up. Just went back to sleep and woke up by the alarm at 0500.

Energy levels = 99%
Health = Shoulders still a bit tense from yesterday.
Mood = Creative

This is why I love biphasic. It gives me a chance to get up early. If I get up at 6 I have to start getting ready immediately. If I snooze the alarm once for 8 minutes, then I have hurry up in getting ready. But if I get up an hour before, I have time to have breakfast, get ready in parts, and basically feel relaxed and happy about starting a new day rather than feel like a slave of the clock.

Hmm, that should be the title of my book on biphasic sleep - "Slave of the Clock" :)

Instead of playing SL I decided to play guitar this morning. And it's awesome how even these little sessions of pratice add up and help my progress.


Purba said...

I had to google Biphasic and monophasic to understand that it's a type of a sleep routine.

3-4 hours of core sleep sounds too meager. Me, Id rather sleep than save time :)

lemonade said...

nice blog. i follow, follow me too:)

Sunil Goswami said...

@Purba, yes, I agree with you that 3-4 hours seems very meagre but it's mostly psychological. Healthwise as it has been proven, even 2 hours of Uberman sleep works fine.

Yes, there is a pleasure in going to sleep knowing you will enjoy a few hours of downtime. That's not really there in polyphasic, but you do enjoy the naps a lot.

It's all about priorities I guess. For me, I have too many interests, objectives, aspirations and not enough time to do them all. Hence, my efforts.

@lemonade, thanks for stopping by. I am following your blog, it's very nice.

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