Friday, March 11, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 49 - 10th March

Evening 10th March:
I was home early again, but instead of trying to get a nap early I stayed up till 1750 and then set an alarm for 1820. But instead of 1820 I woke up at 1830. How? I don't know.

I did feel nice and refreshed as usual after a nap. But later about 2200 or so, I started feeling tired. Not sleepy, just tired, esp. in the knees, like I had been walking miles. And the most walk I get in the day is about 14 minutes, to and from the station. And then to get lunch. And inside the buildings, to and from the meetings, the loo, visiting colleagues....hmm, I can see how it'd add up but not enough make me that tired. I think it's more psychosomatic.

Morning 11th March:
Again I was so sleepy last night that I went to bed at 2340. But I woke up several times in the night. At least twice. Once after 2 O'clock and once after 3 O'clock. Both times I was awake enough to look at the time and understand, but none was close enough to get up.

Then finally woke up by alarm at 0430, but slid back to sleep without even thinking about it. Even though I solved the fast, 6-point captcha in one try. Woke up again at 0515 and stayed up with tremendous amount of willpower.

Felt much better after shower. Still feeling much better, about at par with usual, recent biphasic mornings.

Energy levels: About 88%
Mind clarity: 100%
Mood: Brilliant


Always Happy said...

Dude, you really do a lot of walking, dont you?? take part in some pedometer challenge next time.

Always Happy said...

Mood brilliant. Mind clarity 100%! cool..

I had a 6 hour long sleep last night and my mind clarity and mood status is brilliant too.

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