Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 47 - 8th March

No news is good news!

Evening 8th March:
Had this feeling of background sleep dep from the morning, like I was somehow cheating sleep. Felt a bit more "foregroundy" tired late in the afternoon. Especially in one meeting when I had trouble staying awake. Not entirely a biphasic thing, also a boring meeting.

Got home in time so had my nap regulation style 1800-1830. It was in two parts even though I fell asleep very quickly, I woke up about 1815. Slept again, of course and woke up by alarm at 1830.

Energy levels very good. Feeling of alertness great.

Morning 9th:
Last night, started feeling a bit sleepy around 2200, but perservered and it passed quickly. Was fully awake when I decided to go to bed for midnight. Down at 2350, alarm set for 0430.

I think I woke up once in the night, but I don't remember it. Finally woke up at 0430 by the alarm. While physically it took a big effort in coming fully awake, it didn't take all that much willpower. I think it's psychological. 6 am used to be my hard limit, because otherwise I would not get to work on time. Then it became 5 am, because I wouldn't get to have breakfast and not able to play at all. Now, it's becoming 4.30 am because I feel rushed in playing and having breakfast both if I wake up at 5.

Energy levels: About 80%. Yawning and that feeling of background sleep dep. But I know this will go away once I have a hot drink. Hot chocolate not coffee. Actually going to try a banana and see if that helps.

I am going to continue this pattern for rest of the week. Just so I can get back to the point where I had energy levels close to 100% on biphasic with 6 hours of sleep. I need to achieve the same on 4:50 hours of sleep.

I really want to try Uberman, just for the heck of it.

I like that I have been writing on my blog regularly during this period without missing a day.

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