Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 46 - 7th March

Evening 7th:
Even though the day was just so so in terms of energy levels and sleep dep, it wasn't too bad. I could stay awake without trouble in the train home and wasn't DOA when I got home.

But I had been looking forward to my nap. That's the thing with biphasic. I look forward to my nap, even the 20 minute one and I really look forward to another innings after the nap. It's awesome!

Nap was regulation today, 1800-1830, fell asleep easy, woke up by alarm on time. Got up without much difficulty (though some) and felt fine.

Time now 2236, I can feel a bit of need for sleep, but I am going to stay up till midnight and do a core of 0000-0430.

Morning 8th March:

I just love it when a plan comes together! Yeah, yeah, I know I am stealing Hannibal's line but this morning, I don't care.
Last night I went to bed at 2350, leaving exactly 10 minutes to fall asleep. And I think I drifted off to dreamland even before the 10 minutes were up. I love this part!
Then this morning, I woke up at 0417, looked at the time and rolled over to sleep more. Maybe I should have gotten up, but I have this concern about sleep dep still. Next I woke up just before 0430 and decided to wake up. When the alarm went off at 0430, I was already awake and ready for the captcha.
Still it took me 2 tries, I think I need to reduce the speed of the pattern. Also, for several days now, I have put the alarm on Ascending settting, which is harder to ignore. It's been working well.
Energy levels good though not over the top. Staying awake was not a problem. I will continue this 4.5 hour core sleep pattern for rest of the week, unless I solve the midday-nap puzzle

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