Monday, March 07, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 45 - 6th March

Evening 6th:
I was busy today and out of the house so I didn't have the time to take my nap as per the plan today. But good thing is that I was involved in something very creative around my nap time and I didn't feel any loss of energy or loss of creativity then or even later till 1900.

I got home about 1915 and after consideration decided to at least try and stay biphasic even tonight. So, took a nap from 1935 to 2005. Fell asleep easy and woke up when the alarm went off, but felt sleep dep throughout. It felt like being in-between a long nap and a night's sleep while living monophasically. It wasn't horrible though, just a bit off-putting from handling any projects or being creative.

While I was going about doing things during this period, it occurred to me that on polyphasic, even if you are sleeping only from 2 to 5 hours, it'd be important to rest your body and mind periodically. My back would still ache if I sit in front of the laptop 6 hours straight at home.

And, I was feeling stressed as I keep thinking about one or project or another during this time. Tonight it was also because of the deviation from schedule and the sleep dep, but I think it would hold true, or maybe more so, in case of polyphasic.

So, I would need to vary my activities and mix and match different type of activities in a single waking period and also take time out to just sit back and watch a movie or TV show for a while. Fortunately, I have a huge backlog of movies and TV shows that I need to go through and I can try and make a dent in that.

I had several options for core sleep tonight. I could consider the nap a valid one and sleep 4.5 hour core. I could consider today an exception and sleep 6  hours to make up for the missed and botched-up nap. Or I could be a fool and continue with my 3-hour core sleep attempt despite today's variation.

Morning 7th:
I went with the first option and went to bed at midnight with an alarm for 0445. At 0445, I did wake up by the alarm but instead of hitting "Off" I hit "Snooze" by accident, which resulted in 10 more minutes of sleep.

It was still hard to wake up as I was very sleepy, but 5 O'clock I somehow consider more urgent because I don't get breakfast at home or get to do anything on the laptop before leaving if I am not up by 5. So, I got up at 0455.

If I could make a fixed, permanent schedule, I'd use some auxiliary alarm support like video playlists etc. It's tedious to have to change them every day.

Energy levels today are okay, not great. Some feeling of sleep dep.

Some time this week I want to transition to triphasic by adding a midday nap and reducing core sleep to 3 hours. I have permission to use my lunch break for nap, but I still need a space. Space, the final frontier, after all.

The reason for the love for triphasic is that I have added another project to my life and with the time I waste in playing around, I still need more time to work on my projects. Plus, I still find the idea of Uberman quite romantic. And I have done stupider things in my life!

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