Friday, March 04, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 42 - 3rd March 2011

It occurred to me that I record this log every day and it's as official-sounding and as bland as the "Captain's log, star date we found this new planet.." you know? So, let's see if we can use our creative writing skills a bit today.

Evening 3rd:
(Action novel)
As I stood on the cold, windy platform on the slightly bright day looking along the rails for the train that would transport me home away from the boring quagmire that I call office I could not help but realize that I was not as tired as I was yesterday this time. Attributing it to my good nap yesterday and the longer 4.5 hours core sleep last night, I dismissed it from my mind and focused on the bright headlight of the train approaching me at 30 miles and hour and slowing down as it reached closer and closer...

I made it a point not to look my fellow passengers in the eye. Taking out the Samsung Galaxy Tab like it was my only friend in the world I set it up on the seatback table and focused on it with intent as it played gaudy, colourful images, filling the small screen with colours that were supposed to be cheerful and yet... (I was watching Band Baja Baraat)

Ah, the beauty of an afternoon, after a hard(?) day of work! It was a pleasure to slip into bed and feel the soft caress of the duvet against my skin as I slipped off to sleep just as the clock was showing 6 PM on a beautiful March evening.

In about 15 minutes I drifted slowly out of the hazy mist of my dreams and into the real world. Since there was still time, I let myself float on the wings of those fluffy clouds again and start another dream. In another 5 minutes I was ready to wake up as the soft chimes (beeps) of my mobile alarm filled my bedroom. I felt refreshed and happy.

Morning 4th:
(Science fiction)
The clock on the dash panel of my personal productivity enhancer device (laptop) was reading a few minutes past midnight when I decided that it was time to give my microprocessor a rest. I had decided to try a shorter, 3 hour period of rest-and-rejuvenation (sleep) today so I set my automatic, personal mobile device to sound a sonic signal at exactly 30 minutes past 3 in the morning.

The device kept up its bargain but I didn't. I had set up a 5-point-blinking-dot-path challenge for myself that I'd have to solve in order to turn the alarm off. (Feature of my app GentleAlarm). I managed to solve the challenge but still managed to slide back into slumber.

(Mills & Boon)
My emotions were mixed when the backup alarm woke me up at 0530. On the outside I seemed to be perfectly healthy and fine, except for sleep-laden eyes, but on the inside I was enraged for wasting 2 hours of the night that I could have put to good use.

I struggled to open my eyes (took a lot of willpower) and looked at the email from an ex-girlfriend. It said something about discipline and regret that I found all too relevant to my state of mind in the moment.

(Star Trek)
Captain's log, Star Date 4th March, year 2011.
Energy levels: Fully charged
Brain activity: Optimum level
Physical condition: 99.8% peak
Creativity: No tests conducted.
Course: Same schedule to be followed until further notice.
End log.


Always Happy said...

:) very nice style.

but I prefer your usual style.

Sunil Goswami said...

Hehe, thank you.
We'll be back to normal style tomorrow. I can't disappoint 50% of my audience :)

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