Thursday, March 03, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 41 - March 2nd

Evening 2nd March:
The sleep dep was very strong in the later part of the afternoon and by the time I got home I was single-mindedly thinking only of sleep. I had left early today so I was home about 1715 and decided to get done with the nap so I'd have a single big chunk of time afterwards. Not to mention that I was sleepy the half hour would have been totally wasted.

So, nap from 1730, alarm set for 1800. Fell asleep very quickly, I think in like 5 minutes. Woke up 2-3 minutes before the alarm, feeling refreshed. I should stress here that other than biphasic habits, I also program my subconscious to wake up in 20 minutes and wake up refreshed.

Morning 3rd March:
Last night I went to bed at midnight to sleep till 0400. I like to have 2 hours before getting ready for work, so I can do some playing around as well as some guitar in the morning.

It didn't work as well as I planned. I woke up at 0400 with the alarm, but even though I was trying to wake up, I nodded off without warning. To wake up again at 0448. This time I got out of bed.

I still had time to play 15 minutes of guitar other than playing around on the laptop but I still didn't like the fact that I overslept.

I have been thinking about it and reading up on the topic again, and it seems like my best bet would be to go to 3 hours rather than 4 since I am not only getting less sleep with 4 hours, I am also going against the grain by not following the 90 minute cycles.

Then if I do 3 hour core, I might have to actually change to Everyman sleep or E3 as it's called by polyphasers. Due to some change at my work, I will be able to get a nap during my work day, which would make polyphasing possible. With my super-power (the ability to go into REM almost immediately) I will be able to make use of the nap too.

Against this is the fact that, in another month, I would no longer have this work, work-day or the work schedule. Then I might not have the facility to nap in the day. But then I can go back to my old biphasic.

Hmm, fact of the matter is, I am just very excited at the prospect of being able to reduce my sleep further and feeling even better (2 naps are better than one.)

Starting this weekend, I am enrolled on a course that occupy my whole Sunday for 4 weekends. That means I won't even be able to have biphasic sleep on those days.

Ok things are going to change but I don't know in what direction yet. Watch this space and you'll be the first to know what I decide. ;) 

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