Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 40 - 1st March

Evening 1st:
I have to admit I had sleep dep today. Not the worst I have had in my life, but still quite strong. Esp. when I got into an afternoon meeting, I had to try everything just to not nod off. I succeeded but with much effort.

So when I got home, 1740, I was ready for my nap. Still wait till exactly 1800. Then took the 20 minute nap. It was good tonight. No interruptions.

Felt good after the nap, quite refreshed, active and hungry.

Morning 2nd:
Started feeling sleepy about 2300 last night. Although I could stay up, it felt like staying up late night on monophasic not on biphasic. On biphasic, even between 1830 and 0100 I feel awake like it's normal day time, there is no effort required to stay up.

Oh, I just remembered, I had tea with my dinner around 2000. And I have read that caffeine, when it wears off, creates a fall in the energy. Could that have affected my performance. No idea but I will try to avoid tea a little more and see how things go. After all, this is all a scientific experiment.

I was doing stuff in Second Life so finally got to bed about 0113. Set the alarm for 4 hours at 0530 (15 minutes falling asleep margin), and a safe alarm at 0600.

It was easy to fall asleep, less than 15 minuets I think. I "think" I woke up once in the night from a unique, never-before kind of dream. Because of the uniqueness of the dream and the strange sensations thereafter (all LD and AP related stuff), I tried to look at the time but didn't want to move my head even to look at the project on the ceiling. So I don't know what time it was.

Woke up at 0530 by the alarm and got up with some effort. Could not get breakfast today because I had only half an hour extra before getting ready, so I thought I need to sleep early or sleep less.

I already have several projects all in top priority, (one of them is my guitar) and expect another one or two to be added from this weekend. This puts me in the same position of wanting more time from my day. I don't have the situation where I could try Uberman so I will have to either try a 3 hour core or make it triphasic with 3 hour core and another nap.

I am still yawning, but it's not unlike the feeling that I have after normal monophasic night.

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