Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Biphasic log - Day 54 - 15th March

Not a good day, biphasically.

Evening 15th:
I was home on time and tried to nap from 1805 to 1835. But somehow I woke up at 1951. I remember having some interruptions, coming awake and laying down again, and god knows what I did to the alarm. I must have turned it off otherwise it'd keep repeating. Finally I woke up by the door buzzer at 1951.

Felt fine though. Fresh, good energy levels.

Morning 16th:
Got a little late for bed as I hadn't done much SL lately, and I got only about half an hour for it tonight as well. So finally tried to sleep from 0010, with alarm set for 0500.

I remebmer waking up at 0430 looking at the time and then going back to sleep for half an hour. Woke up at 0530. I had felt that it'd be easy to get up even at 0430. At 0530, I had to make an effort.

Energy levels = 95%
Mind clarity = 100%
Body = Tired
Mood = Hassled

Yes, even though I had about 7 hours of sleep in total, I feel hassled and bored not creative or constructive. This is how I used to feel usually on monophasic mornings.

I think I am falling into a biphasic trap now. Here's my analysis. When I go to sleep for monophasic, I feel good and look forward a lovely period of rest and relaxation. In biphasic this period shrinks in duration and hence is not as attractive at first. Then as you train your body to go into REM more and the quality of sleep is much better, you look forward even to a 20 minute nap. Yes, I do! And with the capability to fall into a good, deep sleep instantly, the temptation to roll over and sleep more is 10 times that of the same thing on monophasic. I don't see any other solution than to bring my considerable willpower to bear.

May the force be with me!


Always Happy said...

Amazing willpower!

Sunil Goswami said...

Not last night or I'd have stuck to the schedule. :)

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