Saturday, March 12, 2011

Big Bang Theory - How to ask a girl out

Recently on a friend's recommendation insistence, I started watching this TV show called the Big Bang Theory. I have to admit, she was right, I loved it! From the first episode of the first season, I enjoyed it immensely.

There are many things about it that I enjoy, but humour being very subjective and fairly resistant to analysis I think it's an exercise in futility to try and enumerate the reasons why I like this show. Hehe, this is how these guys speak.

I enjoy it because the humour is mostly cerebral and doesn't resort to cheap antics or slapstick. The 4 physicists who are the central characters are quite nice, next-doorsy types even though they are physicists and have astronomical IQ's.

But also that they cast Kaley Cuoco in one of the main roles and I love her! She's as hot as Megan Fox only thinks she is!

Since I can't post a video clip from the show I am posting some photos.

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Anonymous said...

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