Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Waqt rukta nahin kisi ke liye

I don't have a commentary or 'sermon' prepared for these lines, I just
came across these and loved them instantly. Very good advice and in
simple language yet so beautiful. I don't even know the poet's name.

naa muhabbat naa dostii ke liye
vaqt rukataa nahii.n kisii ke liye

dil ko apane sazaa na de yuu.N hii
soch le aaj do gha.Dii ke liye

har ko_ii pyaar Dhuu.NDhataa hai yahaa.N
apanii tanhaa sii zindagii ke liye

vaqt ke saath saath chalataa rahe
yahii behatar hai aadamii ke liye

[I will translate it but I can't make it sound as beautiful as the

Neither love nor for friendship,
Time doesn't stand for anything,

Don't go on punishing your heart,
Stop and think today for a couple of minutes,

Here everyone is searching for love,
To fill their empty life,

To keep walking in tune with Time,
That's the best that Man can do.

I am absolutely in love with Urdu shayri and I will post some more even
when I can't start a philosophical discussion from them.

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