Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Continuing from my post on Patriotism
<> and
<> , here is
another chance for me to discuss both. Bad though it is for a country to
be ruled by foreigners, some good comes out of every bad thing. When you
lose the freedom, you learn the real value of freedom, and then when you
regain that freedom, you have learnt to take care of it and cherish it.

A point that I mention quite a lot when comparing US and Indian cultures
is that US has been independent for much longer than India, hence they
have more regard for individual freedom. Possibly in another 50 years,
India will have the same. Shorter time for India because of the much
advanced communication systems now.

On any 4th of July that I am not in US, I feel like I am missing
something. Maybe a piece of cake? :-)

Well, any excuse to have fun, get drunk and enjoy is a good excuse. So a
Happy 4th of July to everyone and not just the Americans. Have fun!

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