Monday, July 09, 2007

Life may not be perfect, but it is interesting!

Last Monday something funny happened. I woke up with a number of things
weighing on my mind, all issues, problems to reckon with or wait for

Insecurity, fear, worrying thoughts, negative nagging notions! All of
them to be waited out other than making a nominal effort.

As I walked into office, I had a choice to make - I could let all of
these show into my manner and give them the respect they deserved by
being sad, depressed and frustrated.


I could ignore all of these, other than making the efforts required, and
be happy and cheerful even as I was dealing with all these problems.

I chose the second!

It worked!

Later I realized that this was the first time ever that I had made this
choice. Over the years, I have transformed from the
nothing-works-life-sucks-and-mine-the-most kind of normal person to a
more happy-go-lucky kind of person that irritates everyone simply by
being happy when there is no call to be, but this was the first time I
made this choice consciously!

This makes me wonder if there is something more to life than chasing
problems, finding solutions and complaining in-between?

I think I am at the point where I should be thinking about starting the
journey to "find myself" or going on a "search for the truth". Well,
we'll see about that! :-)

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