Tuesday, October 10, 2006


For people who like to use their head for other than as a hat-rack
here's an interesting puzzle.
Have a go at this...............

its quite tricky but it tests the brain!!!!


EDIT: Just to keep you on track there are total 23 pages. Don't stop before that. And this is the final page, for your reference and to show you that I did finish the whole puzzle. :D


sagar goswami said...

Hi boss.

I got to find the all four page at once. I liked it. Keep sharing this kinda puzzles I like it.

tell me how was your score?

Sunil Goswami said...

Oh really? All 4 pages? LOL!!!

I don't remember how many I did, I posted this last year, but it was more than 20 that I reached. As I remember I reached the last page but don't remember how many there were. I am trying it right now and will update you where I reach tonight.

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