Monday, October 09, 2006

Hair's such a sensitive issue. Not only is it called the Crowning Glory, it does get a pretty big consideration in all matters pertaining to health and beauty. The same thing shows in our expressions and idioms which are always a reflection of the real social life. For example, to "have a bad hair day" is to have a bad day, to "let your hair down" is to relax, apparently informal mode of being.
Hair is always a social thing, it reflects on person's character and social status. A parent would readily trust a teacher with grey hair than otherwise. And whoever ever attended the discourse of a clean shaven guy?

Hair being such a sensitive issue hairdressers or barbers are also very important in our society. Generally people treat the hairdresser like a family doctor, they go to the same one that they trust and father will take the kids to his own trusted one etc.

Being under the barber's scissors is like being under the surgeon's knife - "Will I come out of it alright? Will I be able to go to office tomorrow? Face the society?"

Well, to cut a long story short; I got myself a haircut yesterday. :-)

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