Friday, November 11, 2011


So, this is a unique day. It's not going to come again for a 1000 years as pointed out by Blogfriend Bikram. Since this is unique day I am thinking of doing something unique and new to me. Any ideas?

There is a movie also called 11-11-11. But I have seen the trailer and I don't fancy wasting 2 hours of my life on this unique day.

I was thinking of doing something crazy, but then I just remembered. Next year it'll be 12-12-12! And that will also be a unique which won't repeat for a 1000 years.

Moral of the story is that each day in your life is a unique day as it gives you an opportunity to do something new, to start over, to make a fresh start, to create new dreams, to build on old dreams and to let go of the past and create a wondeful future!

It's going to be Legen-wait for it-dary!

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Bikramjit said...

Thank you for mentioning me myfriend...

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