Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 61 - 22nd March

Evening 22nd: I felt a bit of tiredness and sleepiness around 2 PM, but thought it might be from hunger. It was. After eating, it felt much better, no tiredness. No yawning.

Got home about 1725. Yes, it is between both my train times of reaching at 1715 or 1740. It's easy to explain though, today I went to a music shop from the station to buy some picks. :)

Once I change and sit on the bed checking email and stuff, I do start feeling quite sleepy. But I just relaxed until it was time.

So started the nap about 1800 with alarm set for 1830 as usual. I fell asleep very easily and did wake up by the alarm. I distinctly remember solving the captcha and turning the alarm off but then somehow I went back to sleep. The major problem is that when I am sleepy all my logic is skewed. So I can convince myself to go back to sleep using any argument that seems rational at the time.

Anyhow, I woke up by the ringing phone at 1903. And since phone call gets priority I was able to get up easily. The point to note here is that even though I had overslept my nap I wasn't groggy or anything. My party on the other end didn't guess that I had been asleep.

Afterwards also, I felt benefitted by the extra sleep if anything.

Morning 23rd: Went to bed at 0000 last night. Next time I looked at the time it was 0313. If I had wanted to get up then it'd be the same difficulty level as the morning. But as I am not going to monkey with the sleep time without a plan, I just went back to sleep.

Then got up by the alarm at 0430. Same difficulty, lots of rubbing of the eyes, but I got up. Felt fine.

Energy Levels: 98% which moved up to 100% after light tea in breakfast.
Body: Tension in shoulders otherwise good.
Mood: Fantastic!

I was able to practice a little bit of guitar in the time left after breakfast. And mood was creative also as I was thinking of a blog post at the station.

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