Saturday, March 12, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 50 - 11th March

Well, 50 days. That's like a golden jubilee. And I celebrated it by oversleeping.

Evening 11th: I was home early but took the nap from 1800. And I woke up at 1823, but slept 7 minutes more until the alarm went off.

I think I woke up at 1823 because I must have fallen asleep in 3 minutes and naturally woke up in 20 minutes. And the beauty of it is that even the 7 extra minutes that I slept was good quality sleep.

I felt fine, very fresh and alert. Felt a bit..umm not really tired and sleepy but a bit like I needed to relax. I do keep quite active lifestyle what with all my little projects in addition to work, and it was only psychological stress not really anything physical. Watched some of my recorded TV programs and I was fine. Also keeping the lights on feels better which I hadn't turned on today.

Morning 12th: Went to bed at 2340 last night, with 2 alarms set 0430 and 0600. I knew why I was feeling all tired and achy lately. It's not the biphasic sleep, it's my habit of staying in front of a keyboard all my waking time. That's what makes my shoulders and back tense, I have experienced it before. So, I was planning to catch some extra sleeping time to counteract that. Also plan to watch more TV and do other things than computers.

So, I took a quick assessment at 0430 when the alarm went off and felt that I was tired and needed more rest. So, just slept on till 0600.

Felt very fresh. Even more than every day. Like 10 hours of monophasic.
Energy levels = 100%
Mood = Fresh
Mindset = Creative

It's afternoon now, and I have practiced guitar several times, and done other useful things. It seems that the extra sleep was a good idea and tonight I am going to go back to the 4.5 hours of core again.

This flexibility to sleep extra just one time in a week is great on biphasic. I am still trying to find ways to try polyphasic, but I have next 3 weeks of intense work coming on and can't afford the horrible sleep dep that comes with Uberman. Oh well. We'll see. 


Always Happy said...

Congratulations on your golden jubilee.

Sunil Goswami said...

Thanks, AH! :)

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