Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A waste of time

Sometimes when I get up from in front of the computer taking a minute
out to either fix something to eat or visit the bathroom, I think about
the hours I have wasted. Now, I have thought about it so many times that
the next question was inevitable - what should I be doing that will not
be a waste of time?

After I get home from work, usually around 6PM, I have about 5 or 6
hours to myself without going into overtime and cutting into my sleep
time. What is a good use of this time and what should be categorized as

Society has conditioned us such that any activitiy that is related to
money making, anything that has even a remote possibility of bringing in
money, is not a waste. It's utilization of time. Even if I spent 24
hours in that, they'll not be considered waste. Overwork, maybe, but not
time wasted. But is that right? There is just so much you can do with
money, that so much is a lot, I give you that, but if you spend all your
time making money then also you are wasting time. Time that could be
utilized in other things like fun, like living for pleasure, like
cherishing the moment, like savouring the sucesses and enjoying the

If I had to decide I'd say, any time spent in order to feed yourself,
cooking or eating or driving to a feeding place, is a good use of time.
Plus time spent taking care of the body, gym, swimming, aerobics,
whatever is your deal. Other than that it's the question of your
personal preference. "One man's music is another man's noise" principle
applies here.

One principle I'd like to mention is from a famous Urdu shayar,
Kar leejiye uska bhi jehannum mein shumaar,
Wo umr ke jo haay-haay karte guzri!

[The age that has been spent in complaining and crying, should be
counted as Hell.]

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