Monday, July 16, 2007

Roo-ba-roo roshneeeee

Dog-tired and sore all over is no way to start a fresh week. To give you
a summary of my weekend, I went to London, only on the insistence of my
friend who was visiting me. His first time in UK and no wonder he wanted
to see London. Come to think of it, it was my first time in UK too,
about a year back, how come I have never wanted to see London? I think I
have an instinct about these things.

So, how was London? Just as I expected it to be.

Was it too confusing? Yes.
Was it too warm/too cold/too wet? All of the above.
Was it tiring? Yes.

Was it boring? Oh God, yes!
Did I enjoy myself? Yes!

I know the last two are contradictory but both true - I was bored,
immensely. And yet, I was enjoying myself very much. I don't know how to
explain that. What I do know is that as we walked around looking for a
particular bus stop there was a song on my lips and I was not humming, I
was singing - off-key, out-of-tune but still singing that one line from
"Rang De Basanti" - "Roo-ba-rooo Roshneeeee". Not loud like the hero of
a musical comedy but like a man who's happy where he is even if he can't
find the bus to take him to Tower Bridge.

We must have walked miles. In circles. Finally, we went to Waterloo
station and rode the London Eye. I'll post more about that later in a
separate post. With photos.

There will be several more posts about this trip, from different angles.
And maybe photos with a dissertation accompanying each photo.

The outcome of the day was that I was right in not wanting to visit
London. I am too old to pull the tourist bit. I learnt some about
London. And I just might go there again. It's fun reading on the train!

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