Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The joy of being lost

What I mean...lol..is ah! the joy of being satellite linked. The first time I saw GPS navigation system that was in 2001 in a friend's friend's car. I loved the concept of having one's own personal guide who tells you, "after 200 metres turn left" and keeps track of you even when you don't follow the directions correctly. But I got really fascinated by it in Germany where I saw my colleagues using it on their Pocket PCs with bluetooth GPS receivers. That's where I walked with my friend Thomas Diller to look for a GPS receiver for me, using his GPS receiver. It got us to the shop even through the confusing narrow streets.
But the quest for a new toy, or rather this new toy was fulfilled in UK recently when I finally had all the pieces of the system - pocket pc, GPS receiver, and the navigation software. So last Saturday, I set out with the small GPS receiver hanging from my neck, my QTEK 9000 in my hand trying to find an ATM, with TomTom showing the way. I could see each and every side street as I approached it and as I passed it. The turns are shown as a small diagram showing the other geographical features like round-abouts, sideroads to set the perspective for a clear decision. It was a simple journey, first the ATM then to the party venue, but it was thrilling.
Now, all I need is a car...lol.

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