Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Short Circuit 2 - Clips

3 video clips from Short Circuit part 2. I like this Indian guy also, even though I think he's not really Indian but born in US. They have gone very heavy on the Indian accent, too heavy, but funny, very funny.

Johny5 arrives in the city to help Ben build toy robots.

Johny5 goes for input in a big way.

Ben and Johny5 have a heart to heart talk about life.


Kitten said...

Great movies and yes, the guy from India is totally over the top, but so funny. I actually heard a stand up comedian from India, living in the US, perform a few nights ago. A few highlights:

"You Americans and us, we have a lot in common. You think the person on the other side of the call center call is an idiot. Well guess what.. so do we!"

"Ah, so I insulted you? Well, I don't care, try and kill me. I'm hindu, I will be reborn, and come back, maybe even as.. your child! And so I get to suck your wife's breasts and you won't be able to do a thing about it!"

"I come from the land of the Kama Sutra. I can screw you over in more ways that you can count"

Just thought I'd share, it made me laugh so hard it hurt.


Sunil Goswami said...

Hehe, thanks, kitten. I have heard the Kama Sutra one but they are all hilarious.

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