Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Item on Wishlist

I was remarking to someone recently that buying an ultimate phone/pda/pocketpc has one disadvantage that you can't look to upgrade simply because there's nothing you can upgrade to.

So, I have this QTEK 9000/i-mate Jasjar that I really, really like and there's nothing I can upgrade to even if I wanted to. There is nothing that gives me the features that I miss in this great pocket pc - a built-in GPS for example.

Now, there is one that dares to take my fancy even though I am not yet convinced that it deserves to be my next phone/pocketpc.

It's called O2 XDA Flame, its big boast is that it has an NVidia graphics processor and an Intel XScale 520MHz processor.

The reason I am considering coolly instead of drooling all over it is that it lacks some things - like a built-in keyboard, EDGE, built-in GPS etc.

The things that attract me are - USB support (the possibilities are endless), NVidia graphics (must be amazing), SurroundSound, 2GB of onboard memory, and the coolness factor of the latest in mobile electronics.

It's about £600 in UK. Plenty of reason to deliberate slowly and coolly. :-)

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