Friday, July 13, 2007

Life may not be perfect...

Still reading that fat volume by Robert Heinlein "To Sail into the
Sunset", I struck a phase where everything is fine, and realized that he
does that kind of euphoric phase in almost all of his books. A phase
where everything is hunky-dory, sex is good, partners, multiple mostly,
love each other, no misunderstandings, the plot is at a point where they
have conquered the last problem and not yet jumped into the next one. He
does it in almost every book and I hate it every time he does that.

It's not just Heinlein, in a movie also, when you run into such
interludes when everything is all right with the world, it gets boring.
Well, the sex you can watch (I am joking!) but otherwise it's pretty
sleep-inducing stuff. But seriously, think about this plot....

You are born, nice parents, you go to school, get straight A's....have a
nice girlfriend, go to college, get all straight A's, get a good job,
marry your girlfriend, get promotions one after the you see
Robert Deniro jumping up "I want to play this guy in the movie!"?

Problems are what makes life interesting. Problems give you something to
do, to grow, to get better in every way. Win or lose every problem adds
something to your character, makes you more of a man (or woman, I don't
want to be a sexist here :) )

One quote that I remebered again and again when I was just about to go
to US (a long time dream, an impossible one). "Everywhere on the way,
was somewhere you had to be, in order to be here."

So true! Every point in your life you had to live in order to learn what
you have learnt, in order to be what you have become and can become, in
order to achieve what this person can achieve, this person that you are!

Do you guys also think I should take Bill Clinton's place in
motivational seminars? :)

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