Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pay your money and make your choice

Last night, I was talking to this girl, on chat of course, we were
talking about personal life, hers, and I said, "Well, as long as you are
And she replied, "I choose to be."

And I thought, what a fantastic choice of words. It goes to show the
attitude. She chooses to be happy so she will be happy no matter what.

Most of us don't realize when we make this choice but we do, all of us,
make this choice, to be happy or unhappy.

In Leo Tolstoy's words, "If you want to be happy, be!". Notice that
there are no actions involved, there is nothing to "do" before you "be"
happy. Happiness is not a circumstance, it's a state of mind, a simple
choice. And we make this choice every day, every moment.

You don't really need a sandy beach, a motorboat or a waiter called
"Mario" to be happy. I am sure, you must know some people who can't be
happy even there. And some who can be just as happy anywhere.

If you want you can be happy just with a cup of tea, or you can be happy
stopped at a traffic light, or be happy reading a spam email. Everything
is as much a candidate to be a reason for happiness as otherwise.
Thankfully, real, major tragedy does not strike every day and everything
else is open to choice, our choice, on how we want to use it.

The first step in making the choice is to observe our own life and
behavior and see that we are indeed making this choice, without thinking
about it. Once we realize that, to change the choice is the next step.

I will close with Abraham Lincoln's words - "Most people are about as
happy as they make up their minds to be!"

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