Thursday, June 21, 2007

Life is...

Har nafas umr-e-guzishta ki hai mayyat 'Faani'
Zindagi naam hai mar-mar ke jiye jaane ka.
- Faani Badauni

[Translation: Every breath is the death of past life (life passed so
far, up to this moment),
Every moment I die, and every moment I live again.]

I am not skilled at this kind of translation, also the idea being put
forward by Faani is novel, quite unique in itself, beyond my
capabilities of translation. Like all classic, classy, excellent sher's
this one can also be taken 2 ways depending on your point of view. You
can focus on the death part, every moment you die, or you can focus on
the life part, every moment you live again.

It is fantastic how these champions of poetry say something
thought-provoking and amazing in two simple lines. Every moment, you
start a new life, every moment you get a choice, every moment you can
change your life, every moment you can choose to change history. Or you
can extend your feet and keep watching TV.

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