Friday, June 08, 2007

Lazyasses of the world unite...

Of course, I realize the irony of this call...if they are really lazy
they'll just ignore my call to unite and roll over...

But I wanted to take this opportunity to defend all the lazyasses in the
world like me. The way the word "Lazy" is used in a derogatory tone is
really stupid and offensive. If you stop to think (or listen to me)
you'll realize that all the progress in this world is made because of
lazy people.

We invented the wheel because we were getting too lazy to want to walk
everywhere. That led to carts and in due course, cars, when our laziness
increased to the point that we didn't even want to go to all the trouble
of harnessing the bull.

The man who invented the pipeline (Parable of the Pipeline - Burke
Hedges), was too lazy to carry buckets of water all day.

The elevator was invented by someone who was too lazy to climb the

In computers, the hard working people are operators and the lazy people
become programmers. The lazier a man is, the better he will be in

And so on and so forth. When a man is lazy, he wants better, easier way
of doing things and new devices are invented...

So, applaud the laziness in you and your fellow beings, do not be
ashamed of your laziness!


Melody said...

I was going to leave a thoughtful, witty response but.. I was too lazy to think of one ;)

Nice post!

Sunil Goswami said...

Hehehe...thank you for your comment, it made me laugh at a moment when I needed one. Well, we can always use a laugh at any time.

It's always a pleasure to meet a fellow lazyass. Welcome to my blog and hope you'll keep posting your "thoughtful, witty" comments. :-)


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