Thursday, January 18, 2007

That's my city

Ok, so I am in US. No, not now, back when I was in US, in 2001-2002. I
am in the dressing room of the dojang and having a conversation with a
fellow student. He is a guy 68 years young, retired from the miliary and
the police. Knowing I am from India he asks which city. I told him
Delhi. He knows Delhi, he was stationed there for 2 years. And he
comments, "It's an amazing city!". I say yes, it is. Those were his
words "amazing city". Of course, I couldn't bad-mouth my city with a
foreigner even if he was a friend but I was thinking, 'amazing? really?
What's so amazing about it?'.
Later I moved to Poona for work reasons and met people from various
cities, all with their different views. Indian software engineers travel
a lot, in and out of the country. So, I came across a lot of opinions
about a lot of cities.
To this day, my response to a call or mail from a placement consultant
with a position in Bombay (or Mumbai as they insist on calling it), is
"Not even if it's the last job on Earth!". Why? I don't like Bombay!
But I know of people who love Bombay. There are millions who live there
and majority of them by their own choice, I believe. There are other who
used to live there, moved for work and still remember Bombay as a part
of their fond memories. Same thing about New York. Same thing about

My point is, it's not the city, it's you. Depending on what kind of
circle you had, what kind of circumstances you had and what kind of
events took place in your life when you were in that city, you will
think of that city as good or bad. It is possible for two people to have
radically different viewpoints about the same city.

Having said that I have never met anyone who liked, or advised me to go
to, Chennai. Not even the people who come from Chennai. And I have never
met anyone who didn't like Goa, myself included. Go figure! :)

P.S. Now I do think of Delhi as an amazing city. A great city! I love

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