Monday, January 22, 2018

My Thesis on Laziness

People pick on me for being lazy. And I let them. Fighting with everybody is too much effort.

Hmm, maybe I am lazy?

But then who isn't?

I propose that laziness is a human being's native, stable state. Being lazy is what we aspire to. We strive for laziness all our lives.

You don't believe me?

Okay, consider this. Non-lazy people work, right?

What do they work for... Retirement.

That's the end goal, isn't it?

And what do people do after they retire?

  • They sleep till late. 
  • They read the newspaper. 
  • They lounge around. 
  • They have a drink at noon. 
  • They eat. 
  • They sleep. 

Sounds pretty lazy to me. 

Okay, I can see you are not convinced. I will give you another example.

What is it that you must do at least once a year or you'll go mad? Take vacations.

Everybody takes vacations as much as they can afford. Once a year, twice a year, once every month...whatever they can afford.

And what do people do on vacation?

  • They sleep till 10. 
  • Order breakfast from room service. 
  • Lounge around the pool. 
  • Have a mojito by the pool. 
  • Take a lazy swim in the pool. 
  • Lounge some more. 
  • Have another drink. 

What does this sound like? I will give you a starts with an L and rhymes with "hazy". 
Yes, LAZY!
It's lazy behaviour.

I think I have made my point though I had many more examples but you know...I am feeling lazy!

If you are not feeling lazy, leave a comment. 


Sagar Goswami said...

Lazy people are in demand now. They find the quickest way to finish a job. Be proud of being lazy.

Sunil Goswami said...

Thank you for not being too lazy to comment.
I am ALWAYS proud of my laziness....example -

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