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Movie Review - Desi Boyz - Rocking it filmy style

When you go to see a Hindi film, especially in the current times, you don't really expect a lot of  common sense and realistic scenes. You expect to be entertained with larger-than-life characters and dramatic scenes alongwith Bollywood style music. If you go with those expectations you'll love Desi Boyz.

Frankly, my expectations were much lower courtesty of Akki's last film Tees Maar Khan. But I was pleasantly suprised. The story as usual is very basic and can be explained in one sentence. Jerry Patel (Akshay Kumar) and Nick Mathur (John Abraham) both lose their jobs in the times of recession and in order to fulfill the dire need of money in their lives, they become male escorts. That's it.

Now, if you gave that premise to a 5-year old (Desi) boy and told him the star cast, he would be able to give you ALL the twists in the story including the type and number of songs.

And yet, the movie manages to not disappoint because of the silly but nice humour and the little twists that have been executed well. The movie manages to keep people on the seats and doens't make them look at their watches. Pace of the story is fairly even.

It's Rohit Dhawan's first film as a director and I think he has done a good job. At first when I heard the name I thought David Dhawan had adopted Rohit Shetty, but later found out that he was David Dhawan's own son. To Rohit (Dhawan)'s credit, the film is much less silly than David's films that he has made with Govinda in the past.

The gigolo part of it is done with brilliant dance and music numbers. Like almost all modern music this won't last long either, but for the flavour of the month the music is very entertaining and hummable, even danceable. Suffice it to say that I have all the songs in my playlist right now.

While we are talking of music, I think at least 2 of the tunes are stoen, excuse me, inspired by other Hindi songs. If you are curious do a comparative analysis and see if they click. Here's the data. The retro type song "Filmein shilmein chalti thiiN, hum gaane waane gaate the" reminds me of that that song about Gandhi in Lage Raho Munna Bhai. The other song - "Jhak maar ke" has starting music that looks exactly similar to "Rookhi sookhi roti tere haathon se kha ke aaya maja bada." I think it's from Nayak. I'd like to hear your opinions on both. But all in all, the music is very good and the singers have done a great job as well.

The kid who plays Akshay's nephew is very cute and has delivered a good performance for a child so young. Unfortunately his name is not in the IMDB credits.

The humour in the film is good and fortunately not much of it is gross male-movie type humour. The dialogues for the most part are clever and suit the characters. The outtakes used in end credits are really funny, best part of the movie in my opinion, though they are filled with *beep*s.

Let's talk more about the star cast. Both Akshay and John have been presented as beefcake and if my friend's reaction is any indication the female audience will love it. Both female leads, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh, are looking really good and their clothes have been designed to cash in on their beauty. I like both of them, especially Chitrangda so no complaints from me. I might buy the DVD just to watch them. :) No, I will buy the DVD for the extras. There are a big number of female extra's in the songs and there are really sexy. They have done their part quite well too, as I was watching them in the songs, having no interest in either John or Akshay's oiled up bodies. In one song "Subah hone na de", Bruna Abdalah has done an item song like appearance and she's hot, man!

Anupam Kher has done a great job in his role as the girl's father and they way he has balanced his gay/curious streak in the character is both hilarious and genius. Omi Vaidya the annoying guy from 3 Idiots has a small role, he is annoying in this one as well, but I think that's what he's meant to be. Mohnish Behl, small role that he done with dignity. Sanjay Dutt has delivered a good performance as the Escort Agency Owner.

As for poetry in the lyrics, hah, what poetry, mate? The lyrics are the normal, cheap, rhyming crap you get with most new songs. The chorus of 2 or 3 songs ('make some noise for the desi boys', 'subah hone na de', 'allah maaf kare') is very catchy and will stay with you but the words are almost meaningless.

There are lapses in common sense, but you kinda expect that much. For example, my highly intelligent nephew asked me yesterday, "If they are struggling so much for money why does John not sell his motorcycle?" Yes, John had really expensive-looking bike that he doesn't sell even when they lose the kid because of money. There are other things,

This film reminds me of two other movies. One "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" in which Rob Schneider does a hilarious job of being an inept gigolo. Second, "Evelyn" in which Pierce Brosnan delivers a tremendous performance as an out-of-work Irish father fighting for the custody of his children.

This movie doesn't touch either of them but is a good entertainer for a weekend afternoon.


sagar goswami said...


I'd like to add few things here:

First, thank you for mentioning me in your post :)

Second is that you really watched this movie carefully. Even you watch every movie carefully. but this review is enjoyable and simply great. I liked the way how you told both the things that movie is not good but enjoyable, songs are crap but what else you can expect from new releases? So, if someone hasn't seen yet will watch it once, just out of curiosity.

Another thing is you exactly observed where they stolen the tunes. Even I was thinking the same for second song "Jhak maar ke" from the first day I hear it. But I just couldn't express it, I thought it's just me who think this tune is stolen from "Rukhi sukhi roti" (Nayak). But now I'm quite confident of my doubt. It feels good when you find someone who feels the same, even if it's just a myth or doubt.

I think I should start regularize my blog posting as well, so that I can write before you :P

And of course, the best part of the movie, the end credits with Beeps :) that's just awesome. you won't believe I was watching this with my friend Rahul, and we repeated this scene several times where Akshay says: "Tu aur main Ricky aur rocko...., ye ricky aur rocko kaun hein Bahen***d" :D I'm sure they put those scenes just to add some more humor in the movie. Otherwise also now days most of directors use bloopers at the end. For example Rohit shatty's Golmal always has this.

One more thing you didn't add but I'd love to mention that I like the Entry of Sunjay dutt in the background his old song's remix version "Nayak nahi khalnayak hu main" that's just awesome, they played it several times in the movie, and that just rocked his image in the movie.

Phew! that's it.

Sunil Goswami said...

Sagar, thanks for your comment. Good to see a long comment. I like long comments and long emails.

Not a problem about mentioning you, any time. Each mention is 3000Rs. I accept cash and credit cards, no personal checks please.

I always used to watch movies carefully because I like to find faults with things where I can :) but ever since I started writing reviews (I used to write on before I had my own blog) it's like a parallel track in my mind as I am watching the movie. Maybe except very intense moments, there's a review already being prepared in my mind as I am watching. I don't always write it (lazy, you know) but the review is already there in my head at least as bullet points when I leave the cinema.

Yes you should post more, it's good for the soul. ;)

Some things are better left unsaid like the beep'ed dialogue or the background music on Sanjay Dutt's entries. I left them deliberately out because I didn't want people to know those before they watched. That kind of thing loses its charm if you already expect it.

Vinod said...


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