Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Apart from the language, grammar and slang factor, there are other things that differ in communication in different cultures. For example, in India, when you are in a group of friends and even in an official meetings, the code that prevails is "slow hands don't eat". When you get a chance to talk, or grab a chance to talk, you talk, fast, before somebody can interrupt you which inevitably happens. It is that much more true of friendly gatherings. No matter how small a group. You grab your chance, you get your point across in minimum's something like those sci-fi books where you zip-squeal the communication to the satellite at 60 to 1 speed to save on resources.
But not so in western countries...when you start speaking, you have to wait for the chance or grab the chance, people listen. You can take your time. They just look at your face and keep listening. It's nice. But sometimes I find it disconcerting when I have not marshalled all my thoughts in advance.
And then sometimes, even in India, or any country, you get a chance like that when you are talking to somebody who loves to hear you talk. Then you don't have to worry about interruption, you can say what you want, you can take your own sweet time about it and they'll just be looking at you with rapt attention, waiting for your next words...
It's a damn nice feeling!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I wan't aware of this cultural difference. It amazes me how different cultures can be, which often makes it hard to navigate through the "unspoken" rules that most take for granted.

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