Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Apple Rant - Not from me this time

Apple-made stuff never actually changes, just things get unlocked. I have a 2nd gen iPod Touch, and it came with built in Bluetooth…. It wasn’t until I applied the 3rd gen firmware upgrade (for $10) that the Bluetooth was actually active. That really pissed me off that I had to spend extra to use something that was built into the device by default. Did you know that if you bought an Apple MacBook or MacBook pro before mid-2008, it came with built in 802.11n support, but you had to pay about $5 for the 802.11n drivers… Otherwise you’re stuck with 802.11g.
Apple sucks ass, their business practices are shady and greedy, and their devices are childish. I’m never buying an Apple product again, I’d rather buy a MP3 player that uses BASH as it’s interface before using another Apple interface that is so over-simplified that it insults my intelligence and technical superiority.
What is the absolute worst though is how restrictive Apple is with their devices. By default, you can only use Apps that Apple explicitly approves, meaning that even though you purchase the device, they dictate how you use it. I shouldn’t have to jailbreak something that I rightfully purchased and fully own. It should allow me to do what I want to without me having to modify the OS. Hell, Apple hates flash so much that they actually blocked a program that converts flash to an iPhone OS friendly format, just to be certain that you can’t use Flash content on an iPhone/iTouch no matter what.
What were we talking about again?


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