Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 5 - 25th Jan

Evening 25th:

Energy levels during the day were fine, though there was the undercurrent of sleep dep. Maybe reading about polyphasic adds to the feeling of sleep dep. I had meetings and other work to keep me busy so that was good to distract me, but it got worse as the day wore on.

By the time I got home I was ready to puke. Maybe some of that was from the cough though I am not very sure.

Was home at 1738 with a plan to sleep at 1800. I did get into bed but couldn't sleep quickly. That WAS the coughing. I'd get to the hypnogogic stage and then start coughing waking myself up. That went on for half an hour then I changed the alarm to get up 90 minutes from then.

Did get up in 90 minutes by the alarm and felt better for the rest but not entirely rested. The nausea was a little better but not entirely gone and forgotten. Two things help me get up from the nap, 1 the fact that I have another sleep coming in a few hours and 2, that I will be at home between now and next sleep doing anything I like - eating, games, TV, no work crap.

Feeling a bit tired, esp. my back.

Bought medicine from London so as to thwart the cold before it takes hold and messes up my plans.

Have cancelled guitar class for tomorrow evening, I am no good in the evening these days. Secondly, don't want to miss another evening nap during this adaptation period.

Morning 26th:
Last night wrapped everything up and was in bed by 00:44. Set the alarm for 05:30 with 15 minutes of falling asleep time as usual. But we all know it doesn't work that easily!

Didn't fall asleep till about 0100 at which time I applied some Vicks Vaporub to the throat as it was again the cough that was pulling me back from the hypnogogic stage.

Saw the time but didn't change the alarm. Thankfully, fell asleep soon after, maybe 5 minutes or so.

0535: Woke up by the ringing alarm. I should mention that I use only one alarm on my phone. My problem is not usually in opening my eyes, but actually closing them again after turning the alarm off.

This morning was the same. I opened my eyes easily, and it did feel like the end of a sleep cycle. But the effort it took to not close them again...! Again it was not the thought of work that made me stay awake but the thought of how much I have already invested in this biphasic endeavour.

Warm shower felt really good and woke me up much better. Chai at the station instead of coffee again though I am thinking of staying away from all caffeine for the rest of the day. I had a strong Costa cafe latte yesterday late morning, and I think it might have contributed to the nausea.

Planning to drink more fluids though, water, Lucozade, cough syrup..:)

The feeling today is not an underlying sleep dep but a full on one. Still I would not say it's very strong. My eyes are not hurting, but it feels like if I blink for too long I'd fall asleep.

I have work and meetings today too so we'll see how it goes. One thing I can tell you, I started waiting for the evening nap right after I woke up this morning.

I am worried about tomorrow as I am working from home and it'll be much harder to fight off sleep.

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