Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Movie Review - The Expendables

Just finished it watching it. It's a pure adrenaline movie, action from beginning to end, with a little romance to provide the motivation sometimes.

The name and cast were so intriguing that even though I converted it to portable MP4 format, I didn't watch it on my 4.3" big screen Android phone. It was really worth watching properly. I have always liked Stallone as an action hero, and then combine him with Jason Statham and it's a double treat. Jet Li I could take or leave, the other characters are quite good in their roles, even if not superstars like Stallone and Statham.

As you could probably guess from the title it's about a team of tough-guys, mercenaries, who do all kinds of rough stuff for money. In typical Hollywood style, the movie starts with one of their missions where they make a dramatic entry. Then the second mission becomes life and death and ends with the movie.

The action is pretty much non-stop throughout, with some gaps for the story to connect the dots. I like Jason Statham's confident, badass style, even when he's talking to his girlfriend, but without being a jerk.

Soundtrack is very good for action scenes. The touch of comedy is present in a few scenes, but they haven't tried to overdo it. The plot twists are not very complex and fairly predictable but still enjoyable.

I like Charisma Carpenter as Jason's girlfriend but the lead girl, Stallone's romantic interest, Giselle Itie, is not really pretty, well not in my eyes anyway. Still, she's a good actress and does her part well.

Oh, there's Bruce Willis in a small role. He fills it well, but it's too small to be anything comment-worthy.

I like the climax, it is long, sustained  action as expected and even though it's a happy ending, it's not a shrink-wrapped type end.

It's the kind of movie that you want to watch again right after you finish it. Maybe I will watch it again soon.

Conclusion: If you are a guy, definitely go for it. If you are a girl, give it a wide berth.

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