Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Photo editing

I made this blurred-background image myself in GIMP. After all, a really good photographer knows how to create great photographs even after the shutter release has been pressed. So, I am learning. :-) 

Btw, this was my first time doing anything in GIMP and I have to admit, it wasn't hard to do this. Before this I have always used Photoshop. 

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sagar goswami said...

Hmm, this trick is actually I used to think long time ago, but it's not worth. Cuz in image editing softwares like photoshop or GIMP, we cannot create the real effect by just making background blur. In this pic everything is equally blurred in background, while in real far objects look more blur than near objects. And as the view-point goes far it create the background soft focus. I think you are getting my point.

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