Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ideas Worth Spreading

A dear friend of mine recommended this site to me, and since I respect her opinion and count her in the non-stupid's of this world (RA Heinlein humour from Moon is a Harsh Mistress), I decided to check it out. The site is:

It's a totally weird name and makes no sense to me, but the site is awesome! Their tagline is "Ideas Worth Spreading" and the basic idea they have is, to have one new video every weekday. These videos are talks by really remarkable people in front of a huge audience. Each talk is about 20 minutes. The topics and content as well as the quality of the people is amazing! If you are like me, and you are, because you read my blog, then you should check it out. I am sure you'd like it and thank me later.

For my part, "Thank you, Kate!".

1 comment:

Multi-Ainjo said...

I also was told to check this site out. I love it. I can spend a whole weekend wading around in its awesomeness!

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