Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trying out glasses...online

What kind of glasses should I get?

Usually it's a big question for anyone once they get the slip from the optician telling them they need glasses?

But the same thing applies when you want to buy sunglasses though the dependency is not that big so the commitment is not the same. It can be though, if you are buying really expensive ones and you are not a prince like me. :D

Today the question came up as my beloved nephew got prescribed glasses. He asked me if there's any web site that can analyse what kind of glasses would look good on his face. (What am I, a magician?). Well, fortunately in this case I was able to deliver.

And then I started playing with a couple of them myself. And then I thought maybe my readers would like to (or need to) use these as well. So, out of the few services I tried, I am posting the couple that I liked. Plus, my photos in different glasses. Do tell me which ones I look best in.

The links are at the bottom, after the photos. Yes, you have to look at the photos, that's the price for the info. :D

The way it works is you upload your photo, then you adjust it so their software can calibrate it then you can try as many frames/glasses as you like.

And this is the pair of sunglasses I actually own. I bought them for my trip to South Africa. Yes, they are Ray-Ban. ;) 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the Hugo Boss and the Oakley Trendy. Good luck!

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