Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back like a bad penny!

Recently I have been neglecting my blog lately. So this short and sweet entry to just let you know that I am back from my vacation in India (like you care), and things have been happening at quite a fast and exciting pace. So, I am back in England, enjoyed a long break in England after the holidays in India and now back to work. Different work, different city, new hassles. I'd like you to believe that my neglect of my blog is because life has been busy, hectic and full of new hassles but it's not. It's my usual, well-known and oft-celebrated laziness behind this long silence.

Most of time, spare time, has been spent in a), looking for an accomodation in the new city, b), reading thrilling, fantastic, old-is-gold type American fiction and rest on my laptop, watching The Great Indian Laughter Challenge videos or playing Second Life.

Well, let's see how soon I can write a meaningful, (and interesting) post again. Not that there is any shortage of topics or ideas in my mind.

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